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Sunday 10AM

Wednesday 6:30PM

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Our most asked questions and answers!

What are your services like?

Our services are typically 1.5 hours long. Service begins at 10AM with a time of contemporary praise and worship followed by a Spirit filled, Bible based message from Pastor Ricky. Special guest ministers, missionaries, and evangelists preach from time to time as well. There is no pressure to perform or act a certain way. We want you to have the freedom to respond to God and encounter His Presence.

What do I wear?

There is no dress code when coming to worship and being a part of New Day Church! Come in what's comfortable to you.

What is the music like?

We have a band that consists of multiple instruments and singers. Our songs are composed of modern and traditional sounds with meaningful lyrics that are easy to learn and follow along with. The focus of worship is to bring our attention to God. During our Classic Service, we sing traditional hymns.

What do you offer for middle school and high schoolers?

On Sunday’s we welcome middle school and high schoolers to join us in the main service! During the week we also offer New Day Youth. Visit our MINISTRIES page for more information.

Will I be asked for money?

There is an opportunity to give tithes and offerings as part of our worship. If you decide to make us your church home, we do encourage giving to God and His church so we can continue reaching others.

Pastor Ricky Franklin New Day Church

Pastor Ricky Franklin was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University in 1992 with a Bachelor's Degree in Cross Cultural Ministries and a minor in Church Ministries. In 1995, he was ordained as an Assemblies of God Minister. Following God's calling, he ministered to youth and college students in Texas, Montana, and Florida, until God called him and his family to plant New Day Church in 2005. He is experienced in all areas of ministry, and has a heart for revival. Pastor Ricky aims to lead the congregation by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Each sermon is a fresh word from the Lord.


Pastor Ricky and Joni met at Southwestern and married in 1992. Pastor Joni was born in Wisconsin, and raised in the the home of a minister. From an early age, Joni was filled with the Holy Spirit and began serving in ministry with her family. After attending Southwestern, she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Inter-Disciplinary Studies. She carries a passion for the people of God and desires to see his people walk in healing and wholeness. Together, Pastor Ricky and Joni, have a desire to see the moving of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people. Joni loves to have fun and enjoys entertaining in her home.

New Day Church Warrior Kids

What about my kids?

Don't worry, we've got this. There's lots of fun to be had at WARRIOR KIDS where every week, our leaders pour into the next generation - raising up world-changers who love God and his house!