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Associate Pastor Simon Hie

Associate Pastor Simon Hie

French Services

Did you know that there are over 120 million french speaking people spread out over twenty-six African nations? Out of a total of thirteen French speaking nations in the world, eleven are located on the African continent!

French Africans are moving to DFW at an unprecedented rate. Like many migrants, these precious, hard working people are seeking freedom, opportunity, and a new life. New Day Church feels a call to reach and resource this growing people group in North Texas and beyond.

Lead Pastor of New Day Church at Southlake, Ricky Franklin, has commissioned Associate Pastors Simon and Viviane Hie to assist him in leading this French African Ministry.

Weekly Schedule:


First Sunday of the Month:

  • 1:00pm- French Worship Service

For more information, please contact Simon or Viviane:


(469) 432-2623